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30 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k C O V I D - 1 9 s p e c i a l i s s u e 2 0 2 0 and emotions become enlivened when we openly and honestly share how we feel in a nonjudgmental environment. When you name it, you can tame it. Feelings are a sign of flow and freedom, so keep the emotional gates open so you don't kink yourself up or close yourself off. Check Your Emotions One way to activate the full spectrum of intelligence is to ground oneself in the moment by speaking unarguably. Emotions may be messy, and physical sensations might be confusing, but feelings are a barometer of the present-moment truth. When we wish for things to be different, we are resisting reality, and we begin to defend our limitations. When we practice ways to befriend, align, and accurately feel what is truly happening, we create inner and outer harmony, connection, and clarity. The following exercise helps us speak unarguably and align with the here and now—even through the uneven waves of our experience. • Bring both hands to your heart and connect with your heart space (hello heart!). • Feel your heartbeat. • Connect with the sensation of the rise and fall of your breath. • Now say aloud, "Today is [fill in the day] and I feel [describe a body sensation or feeling]." • Begin to practice speaking inarguably. Lead with your truth. What is today? How do I feel? How is my body responding? What else do I notice? • Repeat several times until you notice a shift in your feeling and understanding. Avoid adding any explanation or story to the moment. Push the pause button on drama and explanation, and Space Clearing Take time to clean and clear the space you live and work in, but also take time to clean and clear your internal, energetic space. The following affirmation is one we use after a session when we're communicating with someone who is going through intense feelings (or when feeling awash in the empathic resonance of this global pandemic). Speak the following aloud several times or until you feel energetically clear: "Any energy that does not belong to me, go back to your source . . . and block." Then, take a deep breath in—and with conviction—say, "NOW!"

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