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Ta k e 5 a n d t r y A B M P F i v e - M i n u t e M u s c l e s a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / f i v e - m i n u t e - m u s c l e s . 15 I have used CBD on myself. I would never use it on clients. We are in the business of helping the body with our hands. We are not trained—and not in the business—to sell a form of a drug. Most importantly, due to random drug tests for many in the corporate world, I would never put anyone in a bad position. I work with a large variety of age groups and health issues, so I will not be using or selling a product that may harm them. I get asked constantly by new clients what kind of lotion is used—or [if ] I use CBD/ hemp. They are all thankful when I say no. KELLY JACKSON For me, CBD represents a very expensive placebo. The idea that it is absorbing through the skin is problematic, given the fact that the epidermis acts as a barrier for most substances. Then there's the question of sourcing and regulation, which—in the current "everyone knows someone selling it" environment—is dubious both for the practitioner and their clients. I am a research guy, and topical CBD simply doesn't have much solid footing to offer beyond anecdotes and the "it worked for me" attitude. JOSHUA COTTLE I use [CBD] on almost every client! It helps with inflammation and reducing pain. I have some clients who prefer Biofreeze, but the majority love CBD and swear by it. I keep it on hand and sell it to clients, as well. Some with chronic/long-term pain won't go without it. I also notice a difference in my hands after a long day of massages while using [CBD] on clients. Helps me and them. It's a win-win! KELLI LYONS PAYNE I do not, nor do I have any interest in [CBD]. Our training is in manual therapy, not in over-the-counter or prescription drugs. The legalities are complicated, as are the brands and qualities. I don't hand out aspirin either. My focus is on the skills I was trained in that are in my scope of practice. I find the only clients who ask me for it—or about it— are also cannabis users. I'm bothered that the cannabis industry has basically taken over the term holistic. I personally don't feel cannabis represents a holistic lifestyle. RACHELLE L. CLAUSON I am from Vermont. It is legal here for me to use CBD products, but I will not be using them for a few reasons. The most important one [is that] I don't feel it's in my scope of abilities or training to be slathering on [a product] that has not been tested enough to know whether long-term use topically is even safe. Nor do I feel I need to offer [CBD] in order to get—or keep—my clients. That is based on my own competency, which I am completely confident in. WENDY ROGERS LAFIRIRA I do not provide CBD products because I find them to be too expensive for my bottom line. I also don't have much personal experience or interest in CBD, so I don't feel qualified to represent a particular product line. I have concerns about ingredients not listed on packaging and allergies or skin reactions that might occur. I had trouble in the past with contracting contact dermatitis from cannabis products. It just isn't worth the trouble. I've sampled many products with encouragement from vendors. I just don't get any benefits from CBD myself, and I always worry about having an allergic reaction. I have to ask, what if a client has a bad reaction to this product? Where is my liability? With that said, if a client brings their own products, I am happy to assist with application. I am particularly cautious, though, and limit contact with my own skin. If you love it, so do I. SHARON WELCH I regularly use CBD on myself and my clients. They all love the benefits. This led me to work with a manufacturer and develop my own brand. I now sell my own products in my practice; have several other therapists in my area that carry and use my product line; and have an ecommerce site to sell my products online. The addition of CBD has greatly increased the revenue in my practice. TRICIA GILBERT I personally have experienced side effects from CBD that I deemed to be negative for me. This was a very reputable and pure brand, and also a very low dose. This makes me cautious in advising it for others. I think anything marketed as 100 percent harmless is concerning. Nothing can be safe and harmless for 100 percent of people. AUDREY KERNS BLANCHARD CBD is not my thing. No issues with it, but I decided years ago (I've been in the business for 17 years) that not all things are mine to learn about and promote. If a client asks, I have references for them, but for now I'll stick with the limited essential oils I have researched and found clinically helpful. JOHNANN JOHNSON I believe CBD effects are a placebo effect. I have studied and researched to find out all I can. At one time I sold this from my aromatherapy shop, but PayPal and Square shut down all credit card use due to my selling it. Just be warned, your credit card company can shut down your service for selling CBD. DAN KELLER

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