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Ta k e 5 a n d t r y A B M P F i v e - M i n u t e M u s c l e s a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / f i v e - m i n u t e - m u s c l e s . 105 Pasteur wasn't wrong. Bacteria underlie ear infections and dental plaque; protozoans trigger malaria and sleeping sickness; fungi instigate ringworm and candidiasis; and viruses initiate influenza and AIDS. Complicating microbial dangers is the fact that some create biofilms, which are clumps of microbes that form a community around which a protective sheathing develops. Biofilms lead to hard-to-treat infections, such as Lyme disease and cystic fibrosis. 2 Medical specialists are beginning to question this "raze-and-burn" approach to healing. Looking at the microbiome alone, researchers are discovering that it can be as important to add beneficial microbes to the system as it is to reduce the harmful ones. For instance, performing this intervention can assist with treating and preventing acne, diarrhea, asthma, multiple autoimmune diseases, various types of cancer, cavities, diabetes, depression and anxiety, ulcers, digestive diseases, obesity, and more. 3 WESTERN ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE VS. RESONANCE AND PLEOMORPHISM Helping rather than hurting isn't the only idea that should be inserted into the allopathic model. There are two other distinct philosophies that ought to be resurrected by the Western system. Resonance I can best explain the idea of resonance by illuminating the thinking of Georges Lakhovsky, a scientist, inventor, and author of The Secret of Life, originally published in 1939. 4 Lakhovsky's theory relates to his perception of the origin of life. Lakhovsky believed that the chemistry of all living beings is vibratory in nature and that optimum health and functioning is supported by the correct oscillations of heat, light, electricity, and magnetism. Every component of this earth has to vibrate at its correct frequency for balance and health to exist. Disease is therefore a product of the insertion of a harmful vibration. 5 Healing occurs when you cancel out the frequencies of the troublemaking microbes, restore the frequencies of a region's healthy cells, or undergo both endeavors. Pleomorphism The second theory contrasting germ theory is pleomorphism, which professes that changes to a medium, moisture level, temperature, or other environmental factor can allow a toxic microbe to overtake a system. 6 If you create a healthier environment, better health emerges. But an even odder type of event can happen as a result of environmental surroundings: The ecosystem can transform a microbe from lethal to non-lethal or vice versa. It can also cause the microbe to change from one type to another. A major purveyor of pleomorphism was Antoine Bechamp, a French scientist who lived in the late 1800s. He stated that the entirety of the planet is comprised of micro-anatomical elements. He called the most basic of these tiny living elements a microzyma, or "small ferment." Bechamp said microzymas often change into bacteria, but bacteria can also revert back to their elemental state. The byproducts of this fermentation process include enzymes and other valuable substances, the existence of which can support good health. In regard to the microbiome, this controlled fermentation formulates health protectors that can build up the colon wall or digest foods. However, if the gut conditions aren't just right, such as occurs when the environment is too acidic, the fermentation process will backfire, and we'll become sick. Bechamp's hypothesis asserts that disease is a product of the environment. 7 Another proponent of pleomorphism was the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife. During the 1930s, Rife invented a special type of microscope with a finer resolution than any other microscope—700 times finer. Through it, Rife observed the pleomorphic states of various microbes, categorized the frequencies of various microbes, and was able to spot the microzymas discussed above. Rife also identified 10 families of micro-life and showed that within each family, a single member could transform into another. For instance, Rife watched a virus found within cancer tissue turn into a fungus, and then into a mold. He was also able to turn harmful microbes into beneficial or neutral ones and vice versa, all by altering the environment the microbes were placed in, such as by changing the frequencies of light they were exposed to. Overall, Rife believed he demonstrated the basic laws of pleomorphism, showing that microbes don't cause disease by themselves. Rather, a microbe can evolve from harmless to morbid depending on the chemistry of the body. 8 Thus Rife combined the ideals of pleomorphism and resonance, suggesting there is a functional vibration for healthy cells and organisms and that it is only when the environment can't support this that challenges ensue. Of course, the A MA model has much to offer. The use of surgery allows the body to recover from a calamity. Sometimes the best response to a disease process can be to wipe out the microbes. And if we have a headache, we certainly like the reprieve promised by a pain reliever. But the employment of vibrational resonance and pleomorphism have much to provide, even in the massage room. RESONANCE AND PLEOMORPHISM IN BODYWORK Want to put some resonance and pleomorphism to work? You probably already do, but you can add to your Vibrational resonance and pleomorphism have much to provide, even in the massage room.

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