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Ta k e 5 a n d t r y A B M P F i v e - M i n u t e M u s c l e s a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / f i v e - m i n u t e - m u s c l e s . 101 issues, bringing them to the surface so we can address them. However, a kundalini awakening, no matter how slight it might be, almost always stimulates sexual desire. Any of the energetic issues I just described can override the smartest brain and strictest protocol. But—no matter what—we must maintain sexual boundaries. Of course, we must employ the standard proprieties. We can walk away or quit a session. We can stop working with a certain client. If a client comes on really strong, we might even need to call the police. It's our job to protect our clients and ourselves. You can also supplement your boundary setting with the following energetic strategies. Clear your chakras These subtle energy organs manage all aspects of you. They hold your own subtle programs, but also others' energies. To clear them can potentially eradicate any unhealthy energies of attraction. To accomplish this goal, request that your own spirit or Higher Power send streams of positive energy into your head from the heavens above. Allow these beams of liquid light to wash downward before exiting through your feet. Request that this torrent of loving energy cleanse you of others' energies, clear you of your own or others' suggestive programming, and enable you to find the right words to say or behaviors to take. Strengthen your aura Establish stronger energetic boundaries by taking a few deep breaths before requesting that your spirit or Higher Power add whatever colors are needed to fill in, repair, or bolster your auric field; in other words, your boundaries. I work with a 12-field system. This means you can picture the following colors, from closest to your skin to farthest away, to enhance the fields around your body: red, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black or silver, gold, rose, and translucent. Release past life influences How do you know whether an attraction originates in a past or current life? Indications of a past life influence include the following: • Visions set in a different time period • Flashbacks that don't seem to have anything to do with today's life • Dreams stemming from another era • A sense of having already known the other person before Past lives can be remembered, and their effects mitigated, in the same way as this life's memories are dealt with. I recommend using regression therapy, with a past-life therapist if possible, to clear out residual issues. Bring in the virtues There are hundreds of virtues—spiritual qualities that support the highest level of behavior. When in need of ethics, reflect on which virtue might be useful. Do you need clarity so as to separate your issues from another's issues? Honesty to speak your truth? Protectiveness in order to maintain boundaries? Responsibility or courage to carry through on professional standards? After selecting a virtue, picture it as a stream of light entering your body through the backside of your heart. That quality will illuminate throughout you. Understand free will Sometimes attraction issues seem overwhelming. The attraction is so exciting, the kundalini so powerful, the lack of inhibition so great, the seeming destiny so gripping, the past life so compelling, that you or a client thinks you must respond. In the end, none of that matters. You have free will. You can say no, or refuse to see a client again. Remember, your practice is in your hands. You are the lead. You are the professional. You have the power— including subtle power. Notes 1. Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, "ABMP Code of Ethics," accessed October 2019, 2. Signe Dean, "Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations," April 27, 2018, www.sciencealert. com/scientists-observe-epigenetic-memories- passed-down-for-14-generations-most-animal. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and intuitive consultant. Her popular books include The Subtle Body Coloring Book: Learn Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2017), Subtle Energy Techniques (Llewellyn Publications, 2017), Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras (Llewellyn Publications, 2016), The Intuition Guidebook: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense (Deeper Well Publishing, 2011), Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life (Sounds True, 2011), The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2009), and The Complete Book of Chakra Healing (Llewellyn Publications, 2009), as well as nearly 20 additional books. To learn more about Dale and her products, services, and classes, please visit ENERGY WORK Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program 2020 "Being a Super-Intuitive" February 19–October 25, 2020 10% Discount for ABMP Members Register at using code CDAP2020M&B.

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