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Promises of Pain Relief (and a Potential $100 Billion Market) 1 Make Cannabidiol a Lucrative Option for Clients and Therapists, But Is It Right For You? Spas across the country have started offering cannabidiol (CBD) massages, franchises are looking for CBD product lines to incorporate into their new services, and product manufacturers are scrambling to get product to market. Trade journals are fi lling up with CBD advertising and it seems as if a new CBD company sprouts up every day. Yet, most massage therapists aren't even sure they can legally use CBD. It's a conundrum, and CBD is not going away anytime soon. Therapists are going to have ever-increasing opportunities to explore CBD in their massage work as clients start asking for it more. Here's what you need to know. By Julie Crispin, with Karrie Osborn Photo by Casey Hogan CBD AND MASSAGE SPECI AL EDITION

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