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Q&A How did Living Metta get its start? Our business was born from our personal relationship, which has spanned more than 20 years. We took the plunge into massage therapy in 1999 and felt completely transformed by our school experience down to the marrow of our bones. We decided to backpack through Thailand for our honeymoon. It was a journey to both celebrate our relationship and to combine our passions of yoga and massage therapy with Thai massage training. On that first trip to Thailand, we felt immediately at home. Through our Thai massage teachers, local taxi drivers, and random encounters, we were introduced to the experience (not merely the concept) of metta, or loving kindness. We've taught bodywork through the lens of metta in schools, resorts, and national conferences, and we lead retreats in beautiful healing lands. Living Metta is our embodiment of loving kindness, and we share a multitude of simple and easy practices to continue to grow and evolve more positivity in all areas of our lives. What sets Living Metta apart from other continuing education providers? All our classes are a distillation of results-driven therapies, with an emphasis on the power of presence. As our company slogan, "Presence is more important than techniques," asserts, how you do something is more important that what you do. In our classes, we harness the fuel source of presence to activate the greatest positive impact with the least amount of effort. What's also unique about us is our personal commitment to continuing our own education. Our own persistent hunger for more ways to presence, connect, and play has led to the study and practice of full-spectrum intelligence, and we infuse full-spectrum intelligence skills in all our classes and retreats. What are the biggest things you see lacking in massage therapy and bodywork education today? We see taking exquisite care of oneself to be the biggest impediment to massage therapists thriving and replenishing themselves. Our dream is for all those in the service field to give themselves the same quality of care they so freely give others. We've experienced and witnessed countless times our comrades in healing giving until it hurts. Imagine how you would feel or how your life would unfurl if you gave yourself the same compassion and care you give others. As one of our favorite Thai teachers, Pichet, says, "How can you feed someone else if you are hungry?" What exciting things do you have planned for the future? We're thrilled about birthing our three-years-in-the- making brainchild: an online community for massage and movement therapists to regularly dip into for reliable support, connection, and inspiration. We plan to roll out our continuing education Discovery Center as an evolution of our creative expression and passion for experiencing wholeness, synergy, and loving kindness. Heath and Nicole Reed Founders, Living Metta sponsored by "Living Metta is our embodiment of loving kindness, and we share a multitude of simple and easy practices to continue to grow and evolve more positivity in all areas of our lives." EDUCATION INSPIRATION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

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