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March/April 2013

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field more quickly and more effectively than any other center or electromagnetic field of the body. This fact is important for healing ourselves and others. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have documented that the heart contains an "intelligence" and that "the energetic information contained in the heart's field isn't detected only by our brains and bodies but can also be registered by those around us."2 This means that when we send heartcenter energy to other parts of our body—a kidney, a knee, the lungs—the individual energy fields of those parts will register the heart's energy and attune themselves to it. This also means that when we send heart-center energy through our energy field to others, their energy fields will register this energy and automatically adjust to harmonize with it. The Four Attributes of the Heart Center When we first begin to actively connect to and explore the energy of the heart center, it's helpful to connect to its attributes. The Western mind needs words or attributes in order to connect to certain energies; words allow us to begin our journey into these universal and collective energies. When we meditate on words that capture the attributes of the heart center, we entrain our energy bodies to the vibrations of those attributes and the center as a whole. The heart center has four main attributes: compassion, innate harmony, healing presence, and unconditional love. Compassion The word compassion is from Latin and means "suffering with." Compassion is the loving desire to alleviate another person's suffering, combined with deep respect for that person's experience. It means that we hold the experience with the person, alongside him, instead of trying to change the experience in order to help him feel better. In compassion, we touch the truth that all of life, including painful or difficult parts, is sacred. Compassion can be transformed into many things, but it is not pity or feeling sorry for someone. It is tapping into a deep ocean of feeling—an ocean that is transpersonal and can be shared between individuals. Exploring the heart center allows us another perspective on any event or reality we are living. See what benefits await you. 111

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