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them to add comments to. Everyone's busy. Sometimes people just need a little reminder of how much impact a share on your behalf can have on your business. Ask for it! T IS FOR THANKS. Be sure to thank people when their sharing of your information results in new clients. Thank them quickly and sincerely. Examine your referral thank-you program. Is it time for a tweak? Consider offering clients a choice of rewards—a discount, additional time, an add-on—so they're getting something they really enjoy. U is for UPDATE Promoting your practice is not a once- and-done activity. Your marketing materials need ongoing updates to keep them accurate, fresh, and worthy of a new visit from clients (and potential clients). Take a close look at your website and social media pages. Is it time for an update? Consider adding new photos and a welcome video, updating your bio, and revamping your modality descriptions. V IS FOR VISIT. When you receive massage and bodywork—and hopefully you do that regularly—do you always receive from the same person or at the same location? Mix it up! It can be informative and inspiring to receive sessions from other therapists and wellness practitioners in new spaces. See how their booking process works, how they communicate with clients, and what their waiting area and room are like. Experience their work. You'll almost always take away some nuggets of inspiration to bring back to your own practice. W is for WELCOME What's your onboarding experience like for a new client? Is it easy for them to get the information they need from your website to choose you as their therapist? Is it a straightforward process for them to book their first session? Do they have all the information they need to find your building and park? Have they received and filled out their new client paperwork in advance? Do they feel comfortable because they know what to expect from their session? Think about your process and make sure it's just as streamlined and informative as it is welcoming. X IS FOR XIPHOID. Is it time to brush up on your anatomy? Can you locate your own xiphoid process? Are you still able to distinguish between the semitendinosus and semimembranosus? Can you chart your sessions accurately and answer your clients' anatomy questions with confidence? If not, it's time to refresh your knowledge. Y IS FOR YES. Say yes to the thing you're hesitating about because of fear. Say yes to the opportunity to learn something new from a new instructor. Say yes to doing something simply because it will bring you joy. Say yes to setting goals to expand your practice. Say yes to embracing your role as an active business owner. Z is for ZEBRA Schedule time off for a vacation to see zebras in Africa, hike a gorgeous mountain, or wiggle your toes in the sand. After all the work you've done in A–Y, you deserve some relaxing ZZZs. Kristin Coverly, LMT, is the manager of professional education at ABMP. She's a massage therapist with a business degree who cares about you and your practice and loves providing tools and education to help you succeed. Watch her webinars at www.abmp. com/ce and contact her at Yo u r M & B i s w o r t h 2 C E s ! G o t o w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e t o l e a r n m o r e . 89

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