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Yo u r M & B i s w o r t h 2 C E s ! G o t o w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e t o l e a r n m o r e . 77 is ultimately an act of becoming as each and every one of us has the potential to bear witness to the fulfi llment of our individual and planetary destiny. Excerpted and adapted from Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence (North Atlantic Books, 2019). Notes 1. "Governing and Conception Vessels." 2. Personal communication with Bob Cooley, 2018, specifying the relationship of the psoas to the governing and conception vessels as understood through the framework of Resistance Flexibility: "The psoas major rarely has accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue but often carries chronic tenseness. Because one of the main balancing muscles for the psoas includes the brain meridian muscle group (MMG): semitendinosus, which almost always has accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue, it is essential to resistance fl exibility to train the hamstring to increase its fl exibility so that it can shorten suffi ciently when stretching the psoas. The psoas also requires the lateral hip girdle muscles— the gall bladder MMG, the IT band, and gluteus medius—to be resistance-fl exibility trained. The sexual MMG—psoas muscles, rectus femoris, etc.—have psychological concomitant with intimacy, self-worth, ecstasy, and good looks, and physiologically with the health of the endocrine system, which highly determines body weight." Cooley is an international expert on biomechanical fl exibility and strength, and its relation to physiological and psychological health. See Bob Cooley, The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2005); Bob Cooley, Resistance Flexibility 1.0: Becoming Flexible in All Ways (Dublin, OH: Telemachus Press, 2016); The Genius in Flexibility, www.thegeniusoffl; and Bob Cooley, "Transfi guration of Accumulated Dense Fascia and Scar Tissue (ADFST) by Resistance Flexibility," Fourth International Fascia Research Congress, Washington, DC, September 18–20, 2015, Liz Koch is an international teacher and author with 42 years of experience, focusing on kinesthetic intelligence and somatic awareness for developing human potential. The creator of Core Awareness, Koch is dedicated to educating both laypersons and professionals about the core psoas. She is the author of The Psoas Book, Unraveling Scoliosis CD, The Psoas & Back Pain CD, Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance, a contributing author of Maiden, Mother, Crone: Our Pleasure Play List and Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence. Koch is an NCBTMB- approved continuing education provider. Her website offers free podcasts, articles, videos, and online courses.

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