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FROM FACEBOOK I have had some clients who want me to focus on energy, and they want me to use their crystals. I refer them to a woman who does energy work and healing arts across town. I have had some other clients who want me to "put them back in alignment" and are focused on their hip that keeps "going out." If they don't agree with my opinions about those issues and don't care to learn about pain, I fi gure they're not going to be satisfi ed with me so I refer them to an MT who works at a chiropractic offi ce. When I have clients who really like being in the water and want more of a relaxing experience, I send them to a Watsu therapist in the next town. MISTY SOMMERFEL I very frequently have clients who are just not as exposed to different types of healing in life. It could be anything from acupuncture to chiropractic to life coaching. Most clients are comfortable with massage, so we build a rapport and I teach them as we go, all the while offering ideas to enhance their life further, easing them into exploring the wonderful world of healing a little at a time, especially if they have reached a point where traditional Western medicine has not helped them. I also only refer out to practitioners I've personally used so I can give them the best information about what they can expect, the personality type of the practitioner, and how to have the best session with them. It's hard to fi nd a good doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. these days, so I don't take referrals lightly. Even if it's just to another MT. TORI SCULLION MCKEOWN I often refer to chiropractors I know when I sense there is a holding pattern within the skeletal form. I fi nd this generally when the muscle/tissue is open and free of binding, but the client may still be experiencing some neurological pain. Chiropractic is really helpful when combined with massage. BRIDGIT MARTIN Any time I cannot give my client the best of me, I refer out. The reasons vary from personalities and time frames to specifi c needs and expertise. The benefi t of knowing many therapists in your area benefi ts your client as well. The client will appreciate/trust you more, and you may receive a referral in return! SHAUNNA LEMASTERS How do you make visible your professionalism and ethics for your clientele? Publication Date: Jan/Feb 2019 What piece of constructive criticism (from a client, from a colleague, etc.) about your practice positively affected you the most? Publication Date: Mar/Apr 2019 Email your responses to Your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. Upcoming Topics SPEAK YOUR MIND Tell us about a time you referred out to another massage therapist or health-care professional and why it was successful (or not). I had a client who didn't feel comfortable with deep tissue or with undressing. I referred her to a colleague who does Thai massage, which is fully clothed. I also referred another client who needed lymphatic drainage. Since I was not trained in that modality, I referred him to a trusted colleague as well. I don't want my client to be disappointed with my techniques. If I don't know how to help, I would rather refer them out and have them be happy. This also encourages me to work on my continuing education so I have more to offer my clients. MARA HAYES I have a great relationship with a massage practice down the road from me. When I transitioned my practice to solely ashiatsu (pun intended), I was able to easily introduce my clients who could not receive ashiatsu to the ladies down the road. I was confi dent that my clients would be taken care of, and I was right. Everyone is happy. RACHEL O'CONNOR My friend and I cover different areas. We don't step on each other's toes so to speak. If I get a call for her area, I refer her and vice versa. We do animal massage. CINDY LINK Yo u r M & B i s w o r t h 2 C E s ! G o t o w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e t o l e a r n m o r e . 21

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