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A B M P m e m b e r s e a r n F R E E C E a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e b y r e a d i n g M a s s a g e & B o d y w o r k m a g a z i n e 21 FROM FACEBOOK I knew when I got my invitation letter to be a part of Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. LIZ GRIMM I knew when my grandfather passed away. You see, he waited for me to arrive at the hospital to massage his hands. When I got there and started, he looked at me, smiled, then passed away. To this day, I feel his energy in every person I touch. CHERRON LAMPKINS I never thought to wonder if I would be successful. There was no other option. I knew I wanted to work with the elderly as a massage therapist, so as soon as I graduated, I visited senior residential facilities and asked if I could do presentations for the residents. The fi rst place I went had a great turnout, and they asked me to set a schedule to go in each week to give massages. The fi rst day I set up my table, I found that they had added several appointment times—13 clients were signed up. The next week, I had two days scheduled. SHARON MARTIN I knew when I got promoted to lead therapist at Elements within four months of getting my license. STEPHANIE RODRIGUEZ I knew when I was 12 years old, sitting in the church pew on Sunday morning, massaging my siblings or friends every Sunday. SARAH C. TOLKKINEN I knew when one of my teachers, after I gave him a massage for my midterm practical, said it was one of the best massages he'd ever had in his whole life. JULIA MORROW I knew I was going to be successful before I even started school for massage therapy. I was a physical therapy assistant and one of my patients, recovering from frozen shoulder, was just about to be discharged. I told him he needed to fi nd a good massage therapist, and he said, "Why don't you become one? Then, I can keep seeing you!" That was the start of my journey. KAREN DRELICK Tell us about a time you referred out to another massage therapist or health- care professional and why it was successful (or not). Publication Date: Nov/Dec 2018 How do you make visible your professionalism and ethics for your clientele? Publication Date: Jan/Feb 2019 Email your responses to Your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. Upcoming Topics SPEAK YOUR MIND At what point did you know you were going to be successful at massage? I arrived at school one day to discover I had to substitute in the student massage clinic because someone else was sick. I had never given a massage to a complete stranger before, but the scheduled client was so happy that he paid for his next two sessions in advance when he left. That's when I knew. EMILY COHEN I knew when I was seeing all the other local massage therapists as clients each week! ANA REED KISSICK When soldiers, marines, and their families said I was the best they ever had … awesome compliment since they get stationed in the United States and abroad! DIANAH KUHL-TROEMEL As soon as I impacted my fi rst client. Watching this sweet lady go from crutches to a wheelchair and realizing that her only positivity was on my table. She was able to walk again after doctors told her she may never regain her mobility. We fought for that. Every step of the way, through the smiles and tears, we were fi ghting it together. There is power in touch, and I've never believed in myself as much as I did the moment she said to me that I kept telling her she'd get better, and she didn't believe it until I touched her and realized how great I am at my job. SARAH MARIE

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